Case Study: Civics Unplugged

Storybrand Case Study
Storybrand Optimized Website Design

Getting Donors to Give - and Keep Giving - Using Clear Prompts and Subtle Reinforcement

In this proven process project, we had already worked with Civics Unplugged (a bipartisan nonprofit that helps today’s young leaders get more involved in politics) to create a cute, but compelling brand.
Then, we worked with them to optimize their website to boosted conversion of visitors by over 57% – AKA more donors and more funding for their mission.
Civics Unplugged needed to find a way to keep their donors continually contributing, so we built this proven process for them. Even with the graphic subtly painting the picture, the clear visual and easily followed process helped the organization boost repeat donors.
By painting the picture of the donor journey, Civics Unplugged had donors follow the logical path – and continue giving. 
Working with WhatIf helped craft Civics Unplugged’s messaging, delivered clear results, and then doubled down to make those results grow and grow. 

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