Case Study: Integrity Benefit Partners Proven Process – Simplifying the Complex

Sharing a Wide Range of Offerings and Creating a Clear Path

For Integrity Benefit Partners , we were tasked to convey ALL the of the many services Integrity offers and simplify those complexities down to a repeatable, effective proven process. 

We had to combine a lot of factors to really nail this: their unique differentiators, multiple services, AND target market. 

We crafted a model that helped them put together a simple message for the problem they solve (advisory and benefits services for business owners whose financial future was unsecured), the elements that make them uniquely qualified to solve them, and a clear picture of the success all business owners crave at the center. 

Then, once their value to their clients was clear, the proven process “Journey to Financial Security” helped take their busy potential clients’ brains from “whoa, that’s a lot to handle” to “whew, what a relief to be guided through this process that works”. 

From there, we worked on additional trained the entire team on how to use this Proven Process in EVERY function at the company, from Marketing, to Sales, to Operations, and even Finance.


Even in a highly regulated industry like Financial Services, the nuances of the right proven process document can convey what thousands of whitepapers on a topic could never dream to: 

“We understand what you’re dealing with – and we can help”.  


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